Tuesday, May 20, 2014


So yesterday i ended up riding only about 12 miles before i got off the bike.  I needed a break and was getting a bit irritable so i decided to take the day off.  Shane picked up the tandem and finished the day off with POP's .  I think they had a great time as the scenery was beautiful....at least what i remember i was falling asleep a lot.
I was bummed that i could not ride but at the same time i really needed the break.  I have realized on this trip that our rest days did not just allow our muscles and body to regain strength, but it gave us a chance to shut down from the focus of riding.  I knew that when i was in a race or charity ride in a group that i was really focused but i did not realize until this trip how much mental stamina it takes to get up each day and ride.  I have to give it to my brother he is the man, each day he is up, each day he is leading and each day he finished the entire trip.  Side note today he was climbing up a fairly steep climb with little shoulder and was having a relaxed conversation on the phone.  That would not have happened two years ago, what a difference.
Today being refreshed my legs and my mind felt ready to roll again.  I really could feel the difference and wish that i would have had the ability to plan at least one rest day into this trip.  I think that would have made a huge difference for all of us.  Tomorrow we have only 30 miles to ride so it will be a recovery ride.  During regular training these types of mileages and pace are used to keep the muscles active but not push them as hard as during a regular training ride.  Back to today, the ride was filled with fields full of strawberries and vegetables the smells and colors were intoxicating.  We battled some head winds and a few hills but over all it was a well rounded day of riding.  Each of us were feeling good for the most part and rolled along easily.  We ate lunch at a golf course, it was kind of out of place, that was very well kept and full of large trees.  I would have not done well on this course as i tend to slice the ball and i would have hit just about every tree on the course.

Thought for the day:
turn off the phone, the tv, and the radio go out ot the park, the woods the beach or were ever and just unwind.  My brother and i like to call these mental health days.

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