Thursday, June 12, 2014

Final thoughts not he PCH

When we started to plan this ride over a year ago i would not have thought that for me it would come down to some simple statements made by my mom and dad.  Each at their own time and without knowing it motivated me and changed my thinking about what this is all about, what i need to focus on and how to go about it.
First the statement my mom told me when we hit 65 miles on the first day when i asked her if she wanted to keep going----"yes, we can do this, lets keep going".  Wow, is my 67 year old mother after riding 35 miles further then she ever had trusting me  with her safety telling me, lets keep this going lets finish this ride.  I can tell you i was not sure i could finish that day, i was exhausted and sore.  But how can you not keep going keep trying when your mom is showing such strength of hard and mind, such drive to do something so special.  We did keep going for another 10 miles and with a smile and a hug we finished that day.  I was so proud of my mom and my amazement and pride for being able to do t his with her grew as she rode, the next day for 20 and then a third day for another 65 miles.  All with a smile on her face, a song now and again.
What did i learn from her and this simple statement.  That it is not about doing only what you know you can do or stopping when it may not be easy it is about moving forward, doing what others don't expect of you and making a statement in a quiet way.  I heard---i am strong, i am proud to be part of this, i will ride for my husband, best friend and partner, i will do this for myself to show that i am strong and that together we can get through anything.
Mom, You are a rock and i am proud to have been able to do this 
with you.  Thank you for showing me how to be strong in the face
of difficulties.
The second term that will stick with me moving forward is what my dad with say to himself to get up those big obstacles.  PUSH PUSH PUSH.  This is now just a word to me anymore it is an anthem of determination and strength of heart.  I don't know if you can really appreciate this without having been with him on this ride.  To see the PD and asthma pushing him down and him "PUSH"ing it aside and saying get out of my way i will not be stopped today.  When he made it up that hill or past that point of exhaustion you could see the joy in his ability to do so, i could see and feel the his energy and it made me what to do more to share in what he was feeling.  As i thought about these moments and this word over the last few weeks it really hit me that we all need to "PUSH" forward past our short comings or our diseases or our struggles in life.  We do not have to sit by the wayside and let things be dictated to us.  We can PUSH in the direction of were we want to go and even though we may not always reach that goal we can be happy in knowing that we did what we could and showed ourselves and others that it can be done.
Dad, you showed me to keep moving forward to put the 
challenges aside and overcome those bumps in the road.
I know it won't be easy but i know i can follow your example.
This ride was so much more than i expected in all ways.  I was changed after the first ride and again i feel the tug to change more now.  I also feel the pull to live to its fullest.  If you have never been around people who are challenged by a disease and see there determination and the way the live life then you are missing out.  It is so encouraging and humbling.

As you go through today and tomorrow try looking at this bumps in the road differently, think about how you can "finish the day" and "PUSH' past what is going on that you may not like.  Use people like my Dad and Carl as motivators as inspiration.  Join us moving forward as we keep Pedaling Over Parkinsons'.  We are not done we are going to keep moving forward and making a difference.

Thank you all for being part of our journey.

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